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5 Tips for Working from Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Have you have made the shift to working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic?

In the last month, our world has changed tremendously, with many businesses closing and employees now working in self-isolation. If remote work is new to you, or you are experiencing added challenges due to the pandemic, we want to help you establish the most effective work/life balance. Follow these simple tips to make the current situation a little more manageable.


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1. Develop a Schedule & a Morning Routine

Start and end your workday at a set time, to create structure. For example, wake up at 8 AM, getting dressed, have breakfast and walk the dog around the yard before starting your work at 9 AM. Finish work at 5 PM. Or, use the extra time you would’ve spent commuting to your job, to start your day earlier. An established morning routine will make you feel extra productive and organized.

Get dressed to help boost morale. Spending the day in sweatpants may seem incredibly appealing, but it will also leave you feeling a little too comfortable. It’s important to dress professionally while working from home, to switch your brain from relaxation-mode to work-mode. It will also come in handy to look put together when that impromptu video calls pop-up without notice.

2. Create a Dedicated Workspace

Set aside a devoted workspace – such as an extra bedroom, guesthouse, nook, or even just a quiet corner with a table where you can find some privacy. This will create separation between your home/work life and signal to others in your family that while using this space you should not be interrupted.

Decorate your desk area to create a positive work environment. For example, flowers and photos that bring joy can help brighten up the area. Add whiteboards, folders, or anything that makes you feel more organized in your workplace.


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3. Learn to Work with Distractions

It’s especially easy to get distracted working from home when your family is quarantining with you and Netflix or social media is at your fingertips. It takes self-control to do business remotely. Here are some tips to avoid distractions:

  • Remind yourself the more you get distracted, the longer simple work tasks will take.
  • Let your family know while at your desk, you can’t be interrupted and set aside time to check-in with them as needed.
  • Stay away from your phone unless you are on a designated break – all of the endless news articles right now are hard to ignore and you can get easily distracted by phone notifications popping-up.
  • Do not turn on the TV unless you are finished work. Instead, opt for music or a podcast to help improve brain productivity.


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4. Take Breaks for Yourself

Make sure you’re still taking care of yourself during this stressful period. When you work from home, it’s easier to lose track of time and forget the designated breaks you would normally take at the office. Before you know it mid-afternoon will arrive and you will not have stopped work for a proper lunch. Allow an hour for a proper healthy meal and a mental refresh, as well as 15-30min breaks throughout the day. It’s important to avoid overworking as to not put a strain on your immune system. If you have a patio or a yard to go to – get fresh air! A walk around the block (while practicing social distancing) can truly work wonders in breaking up your day and helping to inspire creativity.

5. Does your Insurance Need to Change?

If you are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, your home insurance will not be affected. However, if this becomes a permanent change, you will want to let your insurance provider know, especially if you are having clients visit your residence.

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