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4 New Year’s Resolutions You Shouldn’t Break in 2019

Hello, 2019! The New Year brings fresh beginnings and the chance to once again make that New Year’s resolution list. If you’re still mulling over your 2019 New Year’s resolutions, don’t worry. We’ve got four New Year’s resolutions that everyone should put on their list in 2019.

1. Plan a Vacation

Most Canadians get at least two weeks of paid vacation time per year, but not everyone takes this time off. In 2019, it’s time to break this trend and make it a New Year’s resolution to take a holiday. Going on vacation is beneficial to both your physical and mental health, and can also boost productivity when you’re back to work. Whether you’re dreaming of a beach holiday in Portugal or a city crawl in New York, make sure to forget about work while you’re away and cover yourself with the right travel insurance.


Going on vacation is beneficial travel insurance

2. Make Self-care a Priority

If your New Year’s resolution list includes eating healthier, exercising, and getting more sleep, then you’re off to a great start. These good habits are essential for taking care of yourself and your health – and they don’t have to be hard to keep either. Start off by planning meals for the week, taking a walk every day, and setting an alarm to remind you when it’s time for bed. Also, take time out to do things you love, and look after your mental health.


Make Self-care a Priority

3. Save Money or Get Out of Debt

Saving money should always be a priority – even if it’s just a few dollars here and there. Whether you plan to buy your first home, pay off your student loans, or take an extra vacation in 2019, here are simple things you can do to put some extra cash in your back pocket:

  1. Set aside a fixed amount from every paycheque to pay down debt or put into a savings account.
  2. Contribute to your RRSPs for a tax break.
  3. Cut back on small expenses like your morning coffee or monthly magazine subscription.
  4. Consider Special Risk Insurance if you have credit problems.

 Save Money or Get Out of Debt

4. Protect Yourself and Your Assets

There’s no better time than now to take a close look at your life and double-check that you’ve got the right insurance coverage for your needs. Are you a homeowner or a renter? Consult with an insurance specialist to ensure you have the right insurance policy to protect your home from fire, theft, or other unforeseen circumstances. Thinking about buying a new car this year? Don’t forget to register and insure your vehicle. Changing jobs? Review your company’s health benefits to make sure they meet your medical and dental needs. Proper insurance will give you the peace of mind you need to go into 2019 with a bang.

Keep these four New Year’s resolutions on your list for a happy and successful 2019!

From all of us at Johnston Meier Insurance, we hope you have a wonderful year ahead! Get in touch with our insurance specialists today for all your insurance needs for 2019.

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