Celebrating #BCBuyLocal Week

This November 27th – December 3rd, 2017 marks British Columbia’s Annual Buy Local celebration, and we’re stopping to say a big thank-you to those of you who’ve chosen Johnston Meier, not only as your reliable insurance firm, but as locally-owned service providers. Over the years, we’ve come to know many of you on a first-name basis, and we’re proud to be leaders in customer service within 46 locations across the province.

According to LOCO BC, making a 1% increase in local consumer spending creates an additional 3,100 jobs, and 94 million in annual wages for BC workers. These positive effects go beyond putting money back into our local economy. Sustaining a unique blend of local businesses makes our communities vibrant places to visit and live. This #BCBuyLocal week, and all year-round, here are some of our recommended ways to support BC-based businesses:

Johnston Meier Insurance #BCBuyLocalDeliciously Local

It’s no secret – one of the wonderful things about BC is our abundance of fantastic foods – fresh produce, sustainable meats, seafood, craft beverages, and more. Our province is diverse, so depending on where exactly you call home, your approach to buying local may be different depending on how urban or remote an area you live in. If you’ve always thought of ‘buying local’ as something to aspire to, but feel a little overwhelmed with where to begin, start by shopping foods that are in season. In November, forgo that piece of tropical fruit, and go for an Okanagan apple instead. As an added bonus, you’ll surely notice some cost savings after making the shift.  If you’re a city-dweller, do you make visits to the local Farmer’s Market part of your routine? Unlike many parts of Canada, BC has markets that operate all-year round (not just spring and summer). Explore hours and locations in your area via the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets.  If convenience is a top priority, there’s a growing number of online delivery services. Make it a point to get acquainted with your local butcher, baker, coffee roaster, winemaker, or brewmaster. Expect levels of service that simply can’t be found at chains! Arranging a weekly delivery of fresh milk, eggs or meat from your local farmer is another great way to access top quality food – and you might even end up effortlessly following the 100 mile diet in the process!

Gift Giving

With the holiday season fast approaching, guarantee giving a unique gift this year. Forgo the online shopping experience or big box stores this season – buy from local artists and craftspeople. Even the most-hard to please person on your list will get in the festive spirit, knowing that you got out of your pajamas and picked out a one-of-a-kind gift, just for them. There are so many markets and shows dedicated to locally-made fashion, art, jewelry, skin care, and children’s toys. Two hugely popular annual shows are returning Vancouver, and Fort Langley.

Johnston Meier Insurance #BCBuyLocal

Sustainable Sourcing

Whether you’re in the market for goods or services, personally or professionally, where you procure them from is a big piece of the ‘buy local’ mission. If you’re in need of a new supplier, make use of online tools that help you find Indigenous businesses, or directories that connect you with local retailers. Doing so is a great way to put your community first, and can help re-circulate 33% of local business revenue, compared to the mere 19% that’s recirculated by chains.

Celebrating Success

Being a local business owner is a challenging, but rewarding path for many British Columbians. When you notice someone doing an outstanding job, help their business stay strong and viable for years to come. Spread the word! This can be as simple as sharing a positive experience by word-of-mouth, giving a five star review on social media, or putting in a nomination for a service award.

What do you think of our suggestions? Have some of your own to add? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Contact your nearest Johnston Meier Insurance location.  

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