Moving to British Columbia? Here are some tips!

Getting Started in BC When Moving From Another Province

Are you moving provinces to start a new job, attend school, or simply for a change of scene? Either way, we’ve got some helpful tips and recommendations for a stress-free start in BC. Follow these steps for a smooth transition:


Before You Leave

If you plan on driving in BC, you’ll need to prove your driving experience before you can get insured. Take the time to contact your current auto insurance provider and ask for your complete claims history. This history will detail any past accidents, tickets, and insurance claims you’ve had. It’s important to have your original documents or a digitally certified copy (rather than a photocopy) so give yourself a head start by requesting your record before you go anywhere.

Check in with your doctor’s office to make sure you have ample refills for prescriptions. You can also request a copy of your medical records to help get your new doctor up to speed on your health history.


Tips on How to Prepare to Move to BC

If you’re a student or the guardian of a student, avoid any unnecessary delays by making sure to get a copy of transcripts before moving.

Speak with your providers and let them know your moving date so you don’t end up paying for unused services like cable, phone, gas, energy, water, or internet services.

Communicate with institutions that you pay or receive money from, including your bank, credit card companies, and insurers.

Remember to cancel or pause delivery on any newspaper or magazine subscriptions until you know where you’ll be living.


Get Home Insurance When Moving to British Columbia


When You Arrive

Get health coverage
Start your application for MSP (BC’s Medical Services Plan)  started as soon as you arrive because there’s a waiting period before coverage activates.

Talk with friends and family
Once you’ve established a place to live, email your friends and family to let them know your new address.

Get licensed, registered and insured
Take care of registering and insuring your vehicle within 30 days of arriving in BC. Obtain a BC driver’s license within 90 days. Our agents our happy to assist you with protecting and registering your vehicle.

Select home insurance
Whether you own or rent your new home, you’ll need to make sure you’re covered for all the unexpected things in life. Look into an affordable personal insurance policy.


Get Healthcare Insurance MSP When Moving to BC


Tie Up Loose Ends

Get redirected
Now that you have an address, get Canada Post to forward your mail.

Be ready to vote
If you’d like to be a registered voter in BC, contact Elections Canada to update your address.

Don’t miss any benefits
If you receive benefits, such as GST credits, or child benefits, make sure that Service Canada has your updated contact info so that you won’t experience missed or delayed benefits.


Have questions about how moving will impact your insurance? Let us help. Speak with one of our specialists today.

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