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How to be Prepared for your Winter Vacation

Are you heading south for a Winter vacation? It’s the perfect time of year to escape the cold Canadian weather and get some well-deserved rest and relaxation in an idyllic location. With the hectic nature of the holidays though, our to-do lists tend to pile up and preparing for a trip can become stressful. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! To help ensure your vacation goes smoothly, here is our checklist of important reminders and advice on the best ways to prepare for your fun in the sun trip abroad!


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Get Vaccinations Early

Vaccines are very important to prevent infections and illnesses that are common in other countries. Did you know you should be planning to see your medical provider at least 6 weeks before your trip to get your vaccinations? This is because some vaccines can take weeks to become fully effective, and you may need multiple doses. There are routine, recommended and required vaccines depending on where you are travelling, so make sure to check which ones you need based on where you are going. Also, to ensure you don’t miss advisories, check Travel health notices – these are posted by the Government of Canada for Canadians travelling abroad and are updated often. Although vaccines are an essential, preventative measure, they won’t cover all medical emergencies. To ensure your health is protected in countries where you don’t have coverage, medical insurance is also necessary. Emergencies can happen, so be prepared with our medical insurance options.


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Is Car Rental Insurance worth it?

To insure or not to insure, that is the question. Do you really need car rental insurance when renting a car on your trip? Many travellers question the need for the added measure while vacationing. However, it’s better to be safe… than sued. Depending on your current car insurance, you may already be covered. However, if you are a car owner with only limited-liability insurance for a personal vehicle, this insurance will do you little good if you get into an accident while driving a rental car. Also, if you are renting a car overseas, you might be required to purchase insurance, even if you have coverage via your primary car insurance and/or your credit card. Consider these factors, as well as the length of your trip, before deciding on whether or not you should be purchasing car rental insurance.


Get your Travel Insurance

During the hectic hustle and bustle of the planning for a trip, travel insurance is often left to the last minute or even forgotten. It’s important to purchase the insurance before leaving on your trip though. To qualify for full coverage, you almost always have to buy travel insurance within 15 days of booking your trip. The longer you wait to get a policy means the less opportunity you have to cancel and file a reimbursement claim. At Johnston Meier Insurance Agencies, we offer Travel insurance to cover unexpected situations such as trip interruption and cancellation, as well as lost baggage, for example.


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Considering personal travel, medical or rental car insurance for your trip? Get in touch with a Johnston Meier insurance specialist, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and set you up with the right insurance. 

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