Zero Deductible Coverages

All Personal Insurance Policies Have Deductibles

Insurance rates and deductibles continue to rise, and until now no one has been able to reverse this trend.

Now we have—we can reimburse your deductible!

If you increase your personal insurance deductible to $500, $1000, etc. up to $2500, this will reduce your personal insurance rates. You can use this savings towards purchasing deductible reimbursement insurance from Johnston Meier Insurance.

We reimburse any insured deductibles on a covered claim on your personal insurance, up to a maximum of $2500.

Deductible reimbursement coverage applies to personal property only (homes, seasonal homes, auto, trailers, snowmobiles, ATV’s, boats, motorcycles etc.). Contact your nearby Johnston Meier Insurance office to find out more about zero-deductible coverage.

No-deductible coverage is provided by Prize Indemnity Underwriters Inc. who have been creating unique insurance solutions since 1993. Their products are offered only through agency/brokerage system professionals like Johnston Meier Insurance Agencies Group.


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