Commercial Prorate

We provide protection options as unique as you are

Commercial Prorate

We provide protection options as unique as you are

Commercial Prorate in British Columbia

Whether you’re a single owner-operator or a commercial fleet of trucks, Johnston Meier Insurance understands the value of comprehensive insurance to protect your business interests. Meeting the minimal requirements with basic coverage from ICBC isn’t enough to take care of drivers and their trucks after an accident. At the same time, you want to make sure you’re getting an affordable insurance rate that covers your financial liabilities for damages, injuries, and other costs.

Our team of insurance professionals will help you find commercial prorate coverage that meets the needs of a lone driver or a fleet of trailers navigating the highways and city streets of Canada and beyond. We serve clients throughout British Columbia who wish to enhance their coverage beyond ICBC’s mandatory basic insurance benefits. Commercial truckers face more expensive costs for every aspect of maintaining their business, including insurance for their trucks. We have a network of insurance providers we work with and can organize the best coverage possible at reasonable rates. It’s our pleasure to support the commercial drivers who brave the year-round weather, road conditions, and traffic to deliver products throughout the Great White North and beyond.

Minimal Coverage with ICBC Insurance

With ICBC’s basic coverage, you get the minimum insurance coverage our province requires to operate a vehicle legally. Every vehicle must have this coverage to ensure protection if a driver causes or is involved in an accident or another situation that causes damage or injury. This includes passenger vehicles, recreational vehicles, commercial trucks, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, and any other motorized vehicle that shares the road. With basic insurance coverage, you get an assortment of benefits to cover your post-incident financial burdens. Third-party liability covers you up to $200K in damages or injuries if you’re found responsible for an accident, while protection against uninsured or hit-and-run drivers also pays the same maximum. Other benefits of ICBC basic coverage include underinsured motorist protection, inverse liability coverage, and accident benefits to cover medical expenses, loss of wages or benefits, and other costs regardless of who is responsible for a collision. The trouble is your basic insurance might not be adequate coverage, and the expenses of an accident involving truckers can easily exceed your benefits and drain your accounts. While you can get additional coverage with ICBC to supplement your insurance needs, going through a private insurance provider can also get you comprehensive benefits at affordable rates.

Extensive Insurance Options for Fleets & Single Drivers

With Johnston Meier Insurance, we’ll work with you and our network of insurance providers to get you commercial prorate coverage that safeguards your trucks, drivers, and financial interests. We have in-depth industry knowledge and experience to help you with various trucking concerns, such as garage policies and cargo coverage. We tailor our insurance solutions with a wide range of products to each client’s specific commercial situation and needs. Whether you run a large fleet of trucks, or you’re a small owner-operator, our coverage options fit short- and long-haul driving throughout Canada, the United States, and elsewhere. Prorated insurance allows us to adjust your premium amount proportionally to any changes you make to your policy, including downgrades, upgrades, and cancellations. This flexibility ensures you get the appropriate rates for the exact coverage you carry. With commercial trucking, you may travel between provinces or internationally. Prorate plates are issued to commercial trucks and other vehicles whose routes regularly take them into two or more jurisdictions in Canada, as well as the United States. Our insurance professionals are ready to work with you to find the commercial prorate solutions you need to run your trucking business safely and with sufficient coverage.

We Offer ICBC Renewals to Commercial Drivers

Every driver deserves coverage that fits their needs and budget, and it should protect them if they’re involved in a vehicular accident. Commercial trucks can face an expensive outcome from a collision, which is why our province requires all vehicles to carry basic coverage with Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. This minimal coverage keeps your commercial fleet on the road legally, while additional insurance from ICBC or a private insurer has you covered for the rest of your financial worries. To ensure your commercial truck is always following provincial codes, Johnston Meier Insurance offers ICBC renewals for all drivers like you to stay up-to-date on your mandatory coverage. We want to help your commercial fleet or standalone operation to succeed, and a vital step to making sure your wheels keep spinning is to have ICBC basic coverage.

Helping British Columbia Trucks Stay Insured

Johnston Meier Insurance can help you cover your commercial trucking operation with adequate insurance to supplement the already-required ICBC insurance. Additional coverage from our network of private insurers gives you peace of mind knowing that your financial welfare is protected if one of your trucks is involved in an accident. Request a quote today to see what we can offer you. Or, contact us to learn more about our insurance options.

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Let us know if you would like more information before visiting one of our locations. Someone from the closest office with the right experience will contact you to help with your questions.

Don’t worry – we won’t use your contact information for anything other than replying to your request.

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