Insurance Tips for Summer Social Distancing in British Columbia

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With provincial parks starting to loosen restrictions and the weather getting warmer, many British Columbians are beginning to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Although the province is starting to slowly open up again, it will still surely be a different kind of summer. What activities can we still do while social distancing and how do we stay safe doing them? At Johnston Meier Insurance, we are breaking down the ways you can enjoy your seasonal toys while avoiding common summer insurance claims.



Possibly the most common activity we will see this summer will be backyard BBQ and staycations with social distance guidelines likely still in effect. This would be the time to take advantage of your own green space or deck, by enjoying the sunshine with a few beverages and getting good use out of your grill. If you are in an apartment complex though, it’s important to brush up on your building’s regulations for bbq-ing. It would also be a good time to ensure you have home insurance to help protect from unforeseeable housefires. Here are a few safety grilling tips to remember:

  • Keep the grill away from railings, hanging branches and out from under eaves
  • Never leave your grill unattended and keep kids and pets a far distance away
  • Ensure the grill & grill trays below are clean before using
  • If you smell gas while grilling, stop use immediately and call the fire department

Wildfires are also incredibly rampant in B.C. during the summer seasons, so depending on what part of the province you live in, you may want to ask your insurance provider for more information.


Man holding barbecue kitchen tool to move burguers at a grill



Taking a boating excursion with your immediate family will likely be an activity that falls within social distancing guidelines, as boaters can be far apart from each other on the water. While having fun off the mainland, you will still need to be prepared for the unexpected. Check the forecast before you head out on your day the weather can be unpredictable and storms often lead to common boat damage insurance claims. Make sure to secure the boat if not in use and bumpers are also effective in helping prevent it from crashing into docks or the shore on windy days.

Accidents or collisions on the water are very unfortunate but common in the summer, especially when alcohol is involved. Stay under the BAC legal limit of .08% to help protect yourself and passengers from impaired boat driving mistakes. Ensure everyone on the boat wears life jackets and consider taking a boat safety course if you are driving. Inexperienced water-vessel driving leads to many accidents and liability claims. Insuring your boat can help to protect you and your family from the consequences of accidents on the water. Talk to your insurance provider about the options to bundle it with homeowners or auto insurance.


Speedboat cruising the ocean


Road Trips

Have you been dreaming of summer road trips all winter? Well, although the borders likely won’t be opening up for travellers any time soon and un-essential travel currently isn’t recommended, drivers & motorcyclists will still be heading to their own cabins, cottages, and rentals. Here are some tips on how to avoid liability during your local road trip:

  • Although quarantine is mostly still in effect, as more businesses begin to open up, more foot traffic and more cyclists will be on the road again. So, remember to leave lots of space for pedestrians and bikers while driving.
  • Impaired driving is also a common cause of car accidents during the summer with people heading home from the beach or cottage after a few drinks. So stay alert and also be aware of younger, more inexperienced drivers now out of school and on the road.
  • Check your tire pressure underinflated tires and hot pavement are a recipe for blowouts, which could cause you to swerve out of control.
  • If you are a motorcyclist, be especially careful of potholes and other debris that can be more disastrous for a bike. Also, consider riding during a cooler part of the day. The thrill of the open road during the summer is enticing but heat exhaustion is common for motorcycles and can cause fatigued driving.

Accidents happen, make sure you get prepared by getting covered!



It is looking as though many campsites across BC will be open this summer, allowing campers to enjoy the local lakes and forests of our province from the comforts of their socially distanced tents or RVs. Did you know if your RV is attached to your vehicle, RV insurance can likely be added to your current auto insurance policy to cover theft, fire and collisions? Motorhomes and campervans are their own separate vehicles though, so they will need to be separately insured. You can also get emergency insurance if your RV becomes damaged while travelling and you unexpectedly need a hotel or lodging to stay at. Talk to your insurance provider about RV insurance options.


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